Oil Change


Fairbanks Oil Change Service – The Right Oil for Your Car

Remember those days when Dad would invite you into the garage to teach you how to do an oil change? It was as easy as draining the old oil, changing it out for some generic motor oil, and then his old clunky truck was back on the road.

Oil changes aren’t as simple as they used to be. Every year, cars become increasingly more complex and even a routine oil change has become a job for an expert technician. Your car isn’t just your daily transportation, it’s an expensive investment that is much more delicate than you think. The wrong type of oil can have tragic results to your car’s performance.

Why Change Your Oil at Kendall?

We know your vehicle. At Kendall Honda of Fairbanks, our manufacturer-trained technicians won’t just perform a routine oil change, they will make sure you get the right oil for your car’s make and model, your car’s mileage, and your driving habits. In newer vehicles, you make be surprised to know that you don’t need to change your oil as often as you think. Certain vehicles can manage up to 10,000 between oil changes. Consult your Kendall technician to find out more about your car, truck, or SUV’s specifications.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil was originally used in jet engines due to its highly stable viscosity in extreme temperatures. This means the oil it maintains its thickness and can efficiently circulate through your engine.

For the most part, you use your vehicle for your commute to work, to get groceries, and to run errands. These constant short trips; stopping and going, turning on and turning off your engine, wears out your engine faster than long trips on highways. Factor in extreme temperatures in summer and winter months and your regular oil could actually end up harming your vehicle. With how complex car engines are getting, more and more manufacturers, as well as our Kendall technicians suggest using synthetic oil to best maintain your vehicle.

High Mileage Oil

High mileage oil is specifically made for cars over 75,000 miles. Its unique formulation includes extra anti-wear additives as well as ingredients to help break up sludge and keep your engine clean. Over time, the rubber seals in your car’s engine break down, allowing oil leaks to form. High mileage oil takes care of this issue by creating seals to increase the life of your car’s engine. Get a Honda oil service today to stay safe on the road.

At our Honda Dealership in Fairbanks we’ll make sure your vehicle is checked properly. With our Honda oil service, we ensure that you can be safe on the road. Our complete vehicle checkup includes Honda oil service, oil change, tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection, Multi-Point Inspection, fluid-top off, battery test, filter check plus belts, hoses check, and more.