Brake Inspections & Repair


You probably need a brake check

If it takes you more runway than a Boeing jet to stop your car, it may be time to get your brakes checked at the Kendall Honda of Fairbanks service center.

Your brakes don’t just keep you safe, they keep everyone else on the road safe as well. When you start hearing that oh-so-dreaded screech, come down to our service center for an inspection. Kendall Honda of Fairbanks is here to help you make sure your brakes are working properly and that there is enough of your brake pad left to be deemed safe to drive with. Brakes are designed to slowly wear out over time. It’s so important to visit your local Kendall Dealership where an expert technician can perform a thorough inspection and complete any needed maintenance or repairs.

When should I replace my brakes?

Have you ever wondered when you should change your brake pads? If your brakes make a screeching sound, or you feel like you have to apply more pressure to the brake pedal than usual, then your brakes definitely need a checkup. These are signs you shouldn’t ignore. Even if you don’t notice any signs, an examination at your Honda Dealership can save you money on expensive maintenances.

At Kendall Honda of Fairbanks, we’ll stop at nothing to make sure you can stop for anything. Our technicians will match your car to the right brake pads that are specifically designed and engineered for your vehicle. For optimum stopping power, schedule a brake inspection at Kendall Honda of Fairbanks.